Buy puppy from us? - Our expectations

Our goal is to breed healthy, social & working porties with good mentality.

Our puppies grow up among us people and with many other pwds around themselves (not just the mother). We live with them from they are being born until they move from us. It's our little babies moving from us and we want to find as good families as possible. Of course, we think it's fun if our puppies are shown / competing but for us the absolutely most important is:

- That our puppies are not left alone for more than very short periods in the first months.

- That the puppy is trained slowly to manage to be alone for a few hours.

- That the adult dog is not left alone many hours each day (max 5 hours).

- In addition, we expect our puppy buyers that our offspring get physical and mental stimulation. It is an active breed (especially the first 2 years).

- The owners understand that there is a lot of fur and body care (grooming of fur, dental care, etc.).

- The owner goes courses with the puppy to create a good relationship and together learn things.

- The owner takes the dog to the vet to x-ray hips and elbows when the dog is between 1-1½ years old (if the dog has "free hips", it is known that it can participate in all activities without the risk of getting hurt). Hip dysplacia is common in the breed.

- The owner has a "back-up" who can take care of the dog if needed.

-We also hope that our puppy buyers ask this question

every day as long as the dog lives: "Have I done what I could to make my dog ​​feel like it had a stimulating and rewarding day today?".

"And finally, we expect the dog to be a full family member throughout his life (even the old dog needs mental stimulation and companionship).


For us it is important to have a good relationship with our puppy buyers through the dog's life. We are the ones who are with the puppies from the beginning as they are taking their first breath and as they take their first step in the litter box. Therefore we want to continue to join the dog's journey and want to know about fun and less fun things.

We are available as a support and helps with tips and advice as far as possible. We are so happy when we receive reports and pictures their new families.


If you think our expectations on our puppy buyers feel ok then you are welcome to contact us and tell us more about you and your familiy!